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A hospital cockpit

A Hospital Cockpit

Why a hospital cockpit?

Today's clinics and hospitals are managed just like companies, with targets for performance, patient quality optimization, and structural costs. Department heads and managers need a decision cockpit to monitor activities and ensure that targets are properly achieved.


More than just a table containing a few statistics, it is a management tool where the department manager can personally, in a highly intuitive environment, track indicators, discover areas for optimisation, and monitor the quality of the service provided to the patient.

For imaging…. and everything else

INTUITUS aims first and foremost at optimizing the quality of patient care, for example by reducing patient waiting times, and exam times according to modality, doctor, and technician, average interpretation times, the use of the medical devices by month, day, time slot , etc. INTUITUS helps to analyze the efficiency of the departments and personnel in order to improve processes and working methods. The Dose Archive and Communication System (DACS) covering all the departments is an additional feature of the system.. 

... and for the rest of the hospital

The INTUITUS product was designed as a single interface for all the interactive dashboards of all the departments in the hospital. Whilst guaranteeing the mandatory data confidentiality, INTUITUS gives managers a common vision of the measures to be applied and their impacts. The product could also be used to track other medical disciplines (laboratory) and for other essential hospital tools (telephone directory, patient records, etc.).


Quality standards and accreditations

The use of this type of tool meshes perfectly with the goals of the accreditations, whether regional (ARS), national (bQuaadril), or international (JCI), and can be a real aid to obtaining these accreditations and a facilitator for hospital quality managers .

In practice?

In practice?

Monitor on-call activity?

Question: On-call activity is always complicated to monitor...but what is the global trend? Do I need to mobilize more personnel?

The global view lets you focus on a day of the week and a time slot, and to view the average number of exams and see the trend from month to month.


Optimize our rooms?

Question: Are the three large medical equipment rooms available being fully utilized? Or do we need to optimize our use of other rooms and make savings?

The roomwise activity view lets you compare the use of the rooms selected in the interface hour by hour.


Where do my patients come from?

Question: Where do my patients come from, and what exams are they coming for? How can I find out my attraction area? And this type of exam too...

The interactive map lets you select the patient's age (paediatric, geriatric?), gender, region/country, and view the distribution on the map.


Key words

Key words

All imaging and all the rest

A single solution for all imaging departments and for all other indicators in the hospital (laboratory, etc.).

Our additional connectors allow data to be fed in from other systems.


The dashboard and indicator table creation service is unlimited; you will have nothing extra to pay if our engineers configure two, three, or even ten extra pages for you!  This is the guarantee of a system that grows with your institution and its new challenges.

Software As A Service (SAAS) 

A monthly payment, an unlimited service, and user access from the Cloud.




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